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Previous Years' Events

Northwest Green 2017

Featured keynote speaker: Jason McLennan of the Living Building Challenge
Presentation: Living in a Living Building

See full list of 2017 Presentations made available for download.


Northwest Green 2016

Featured keynote speaker John Abrams of South Mountain Company
Presentation: Sharing Ownership of the Future...And Managing the Big Transitions to Come

See full list of 2016 Presentations made available for download.


EcoBuilding 2015: The Great Green Eco-Confabulation

Featured keynote speaker Bill Reed of Regenesis Group
Presentation: Healing the World in 18 Months (Really)

See full list of 2015 Presentations made available for download.


EcoBuilding 2014: Building Transformation Through Transparency

Featured keynote speaker Tedd Benson of Bensonwood and Unity Homes.
Presentation: New House Rules: Achieving 21st Century Sustainable Dwelling

See full list of 2014 Presentations made available for download.


EcoBuilding 2013: Building Bridges, Pushing BoundariesThe Main Hall is filled with inspired participants at EcoBuilding 2010 at Pilgrim Firs

Featured keynote speakers David Arkin & Anni Tilt of Arkin Tilt Architecture.
Presentation: Maximum Kick with Minimum Impact: Challenges and Triumphs in Ecological Design

See full list of 2013 Presentations made available for download.


EcoBuilding 2012: Educate, Empower and Energize!

Featured keynote speaker Elaine Gallagher Adams of the Rocky Mountain Institute.
Presentation: Reinventing Fire: Designing for Beauty, Efficiency and Relevance.


Cyclists heading out after a great and inspiring weekendEcoBuilding 2011: Building Toward the Future -
Creating Resiliency in our Homes & Communities

Featured keynote speaker Alex Wilson of BuildingGreen, Inc.
Presentation: The Resilient Home

See full list of 2011 Presentations made available for download.


EcoBuilding 2010: Green Design & Construction Symposium

Featured keynote speaker David Eisenberg of the Development Center for Appropriate Technology. Presentation: Green Building, Codes and Beyond - The Bigger Picture.

And, we could keep going back another 12 years, but thought we'd stop here...

In addition to our amazing speakers and sponsors, we'd like to thank these dedicated Guild folks for making the Retreat + Conference a great success for so long!

Sandra Fugate
Joanne Olsen
Cate O'dahl
Sheldon O'dahl
Terry Phelan
Bruce Millard
George Ostrow
Robert Burns
Geoff Gamsby
Grace Huang


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