What is EcoBuilding?

EcoBuilding is building in a way that makes sense. It requires an integrated approach and a consideration of the whole building, the whole site and the people impacted by that site and that building.

- Jason Lear, Batt & Lear Construction

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Green Building

Green building resources for the Pacific Northwest, including NW EcoBuilding Guild member Project Spotlights and expert articles, plus a wealth of information for industry professionals and homeowners interested in green home remodeling and construction.


The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild and its members are an active part of this evolution, working together in our community to encourage building practices that...

Dramatically Reduce Carbon Emissions,
Are Self-sustaining,
Contribute to Local Economies, and
Create Optimal Conditions for Human Health and Community

By considering the needs of the seventh generation in all that we do and encouraging inclusive discourse to that end, we will ensure that;

  • The patchwork of green buildings across the country expands to whole neighborhoods, whole districts, and whole communities.
  • What was once the exception in the construction industry becomes the norm.
  • And, that 'green' no longer needs to define what will simply be considered 'good building practice'.

We encourage you to join us in working to improve the relationship between our communities and our built environment. Learn more about this exciting field by browsing our green building resources, articles, project spotlights and more.

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