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Press Release for Public Launch of Code Innovations Database Earth Day, 4/22/2014

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Earth Day Press Release CIDB

Announcing the launch of the Code Innovations Database, a new web resource “making it easier to build green.”

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Code Innovations for Living buildings by Chris van Daalen and Ancrew C. Lee

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2012 Washington State Residential Code

(Includes adoption of Appendices F and G; Chapter 11 and Chapters 25 through 42 are not adopted) Effective July 1, 2013 Also see: INSERT/REPLACEMENT PAGES: Ventilation/Section R408.1 (Effective Dec. 1, 2013) Townhouse Wall Separation/Section R302 (Effective April 1, 2014) Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems/Section M2302 (Effective July 1, 2014)

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