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The Northwest Ecobuilding Guild’s mission includes leadership through education. Our new educational program, includes policies, practices and templates to facilitate and encourage educational events which may be directly sponsored, co-sponsored, or endorsed by the Northwest Ecobuilding Guild and/or its Chapters.

The Northwest Ecobuilding Guild’s Mission includes leadership through education.


LOTTblock.jpgCode Innovations:  Training & Technical Assistance

The Code Innovations Database is Making it Easier to Build Green. Sharing information on successfully permitted green building innovations - supported by Training Workshops and Technical Assistance.  Find out more...


For more educational classes and workshops check our Events Calendar

To further this mission we are increasing our educational listings and working on the development of a cohesive educational and training curriculum/program.

Such events can include:

  • Educational Seminars and Classes
  • Practicum or Demonstrations
  • Educational Tours
  • Conferences and Colloquia

Stay tuned as we assemble a catalog of instructors and class/workshops offered by guild members and associates. See Ongoing Classes & Workshops for a sampling.

Please send your ideas and questions to

Here's a Sample of our Workshop

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