What is EcoBuilding?

"EcoBuilding is a network of passionate people engaged in creating and sustaining community around green building initiatives."

- Patti Southard, King County Green Tools

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Programs & Outreach

Code Innovations Database

The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild and Thurston County have partnered to bring you the Code Innovations Database, a clearinghouse of examples of successfully permitted green building, high performance and other innovative design strategies, materials and technologies. Learn More…

Vision2Action Symposium Series

Conversations on the Built Environment
Focused on sustainability and the built environment, this quarterly series facilitates provocative, strategic conversations around bold, visionary initiatives gaining momentum in Thurston County. Brought to you by the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, Thurston Climate Action Team, Thurston County Public Works and many other non-profit private and public agencies. Learn More...

Northwest Green Home Tour

Green and growing, this annual tour organized by our Seattle Chapter offers an opportunity for the public to see “green” in action! The tour showcases local, sustainable, and green new homes, remodels, and energy retrofits in the greater Seattle area, and skilled guides engage tours visitors in learning: increasing our visibility and forwarding our mission. Learn More...

10x10x10 Green Building Slam!

These annual Chapter-sponsored awards and recognition events brand our organization and continue to build public awareness of green building opportunities. Showcasing pioneering projects is a worthy tradition and is a highly prized form of outreach for more than just design and building professionals. Learn More…

Technical Flash Cards Library

This open source library of green building technical flash cards provides best construction practices FREE to contractors, subcontractors, and the DIY person to ensure a better resource and energy efficient future. Learn More…

20/20 Home Refit Challenge

The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild has partnered with Built Green, Home Performance WA, and Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union to challenge the Puget Sound community to retrofit 20,000 homes by 2020. This critical challenge represents our greatest opportunity to save resources and improve energy performance by at least 20% in existing homes. Learn More…


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